Seattle for Ng’ombe - What We Do

Seattle for Ng’ombe provides financial support and supplies for clinical and educational programs in partnership with Needs Care Day Center, the registered Zambian charity started by Esther and several other residents of Ng’ombe, a large slum in Lusaka, Zambia.  Our Washington state based organization only undertakes projects requested by the local board in Zambia.

Priorities include regular clinics that focus on diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases (hypertension and diabetes), and family planning services, in conjunction with an overburdened local government health center.

We have provided over 60 bicycles and for health outreach workers who regularly visit vulnerable members of the community.

In 2012, we established a fund for a nursing scholarship. In July, a longtime Ng’ombe resident and volunteer began studies at Lusaka Nursing Institute. Upon graduation she plans to help in the clinic.

For volunteer teachers at a nearby elementary school of 500 students, we have provided stipends in addition to supplies and meals for the students.

Digging a well to provide safe water and affordable water for patients and students is planned for the near future.

Download our monthly report from July 2013!
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